Sample Hometrack Report

Due Diligence with HOMETRACK RESEARCH:

This report provides you with an in-depth analysis of price trends in the area where you are thinking of buying. The report is based upon information provided by Hometrack, the only independent property research and database company in the UK.

The report contains independent, up-to-date information that gives you a clear picture of price trends for each type of property in the selected area. The report also gives information on how many viewings each type of property will typically get before it sells, how quickly properties are selling in the area and how many local buyers and sellers are entering the market at any one time.

Conflicting reports about whether national and regional house prices are going up or down are creating confusion and uncertainty amongst investors making the choice of whether to buy property even more difficult than it needs to be. During 2008/09 buying property has been made even more difficult with the constant down valuation of Market Value by surveyors.

By offering this report to property investors we hope to remove some of this confusion, let you know what is really going on in your selected area and give you enough information to make an informed choice on which to base your property investment decisions.

Now you can get property that you may be considering buying valued with the same valuation system used by mortgage lenders at a special discounted price of 15.00 for bmvleads network members (usual price 19.99).

A Hometrack report is a close analysis of the local postcode area, average prices for different property types. View a sample report and ensure it includes all the information  you require before you decide to buy.

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