Youíre Personal Invitation to a fresh approach to BMV:


Buying Leads and Deals:

Do you want a regular supply of Quality Property Leads that have all been telephone Qualified before posting, and the telephone contact number guaranteed?

Do you want Qualified Leads that have all been checked out by telephone and BMV agreed, therefore giving a high rate of conversion?

Do you want Done Deals at popular UK, European or world wide destinations with valuations and a Guaranteed Price Purchase Agreement in place and with reasonable finderís fees?

Do you want Ready Made Deals, including a power team of professionals, using traditional mortgage methods supplied by efficient packaging Brokers, access to low cost bridging finance, and the best and most efficient Solicitors, including appointing solicitors for the vendor? 

Do you want Sell and Rent Backs? If so, as from 1st July 2009 you will need to be registered with the FSA in order to proceed with these.

Do you want access to 100% No Money Down finance, offered by the new method of Assignment, where each application is tax proofed and guaranteed against any future tax liability?

Do you want Priority Advance Notification of Leads giving you an exclusive 48 hours to purchase before they are released on general sale? Unlike some of our competitors we do not charge extra for this service.

Sell Leads:

Do you have surplus leads from your own website or local advertising methods and if so, do you receive leads that are in the wrong area or country, or just not right for you? If so then do you want to turn them into cash rather than waste them?

You can register to sell your leads on our site for the price that you specify. There is no charge to enter leads. You will only pay a small fee of 10% when the Lead is sold, including the PayPal fee if you choose the basic listing service. Many investors receive a steady income from using this service.

For an even higher return on Leads that have higher equity, select our ****Star Service where our highly succesful marketing team will contact the vendor and attempt to turn the Lead into a Done Deal or a Ready Made Deal or even convert it to a Lease Option dependant upon the individual circumstances.

By choosing the ****Star Service you have the opportunity of earning an even higher income as we will share the Finders Fee 50/50 with you if the Deal is subsequently sold. This will be paid direct to your bank or PayPal account upon completion.

By logging into your account you can track the progress of your leads on-line at any time.

If the answer is YES then go to and register FREE as one of our associates. Once registered you will have full access to the above and will also receive advance notification by e-mail of other new and exiting products that are in the development stage. 


Ron Horsfall

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 Update 15-01-2010