We have been asked many times by investors to provide them with the details of properties that they are interested in before they buy a lead or reserve a deal.

Unfortunately we can not do this as experience has shown that there are many devious people out there who will try anything to avoid a fee and we all have to make a living.

The normal procedure is to pay for the lead and then you automatically receive the vendors property details which you will find in your account the next time that you log in. Once paid for the lead is yours and can not be purchased by anyone else.

If you prefer to receive the details before paying for the lead we can arrange for you to do so if you sign a Non-Circumvention agreement beforehand. The Agreement is itemised below for your perusal and a printable version is available for you to print off and return by post.

If you prefer to have this facility you need to do this before requesting the details of a Lead or Deal as no details will be provided unless we have received and registered a hard copy.

Please be aware that when you request details after you have registered your copy the Lead or deal will not be reserved for you until you have paid for the lead, therefore there is always the possibility that someone else will purchase it in the meantime because of the delay. 

Non-Circumvention Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby agree not to enter into direct negotiation with the Vendor of any Property, the details of which that have been provided to me by Ronan Property Services t/a bmvleadsnetwork (BMVLN).  I fully understand and I am aware that any Property, the details of which have been provided to me by BMVLN, has been the subject of negotiation between the Vendor of said Property and BMVLN and that any viewing or other correspondence with the vendor of a Property, resulting in the purchase of said Property, by me or any other person that may arise as a result of the marketing of the Property on the part of BMVLN and the details provided to me entitles them to their fee, as laid out in the Terms and Conditions of Business which are published with each property displayed on the BMVLN website. 

I agree that this agreement extends to and includes my business partners, directors, employees and associated or subsidiary companies.                                              

I also agree that all information regarding such properties will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed to third parties without the written permission of BMVLN.

Signed by                                                                _____(client of BMVLN).


Print Name   _________________________________________________________


Company/Business Name_______________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________






Signed by witness  ____________________________________________________


Witness print name____________________________________________________


Address          ___________________________________________________________________




BMVLN Membership Username____________________ Password_______________ This is needed to ensure that we allocate receipt of the document to the correct account.

Instructions to “Investor” Please print off and sign in the presence of a witness who must also sign, and provide his/her name and address.

Please return the original by first class post to:-

For the United Kingdom and ROI: Ronan Property Services, Riverside View, Thornes Lane, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 5QW

For mainland Europe and Worldwide: Ronan Property Services, Res/ Da Vinci 72, 03184, Alicante, Spain

This agreement will not become effective until a hard copy containing the original signature is received in the post. Emailed or faxed copies will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Copyright© 2011 Ronan Property Services t/a www.bmvleads.net