Parque da Corcovada, Albufeira, Portugal.

7 units of One, Two & Three bedroom apartments. Part of a completed development including 21 Villas.

Key for, 1 Bed Apartment

Key for, 2 Bed Apartment

Key for, 3 Bed Apartment

1. Bedroom 1. Bedroom 1. Bedroom
2. Living-room 2. Bedroom 2. Bedroom
3. Dining-room 3. Bathroom 3. Bedroom
4. Kitchen 4. Living-room 4. Bathroom
5. Hall 5. Dining-room 5. Living-room
6. Bathroom 6. Kitchen 6. Dining-room
  7. Pantry 7. Kitchen
  8. Hall 8. Pantry
  9. Bathroom 9. Bathroom
    10. Hall

11. Bathroom

At Parque da Corcovada you will find Two Bedroom and Three Bedroom apartments built exclusively for your comfort, pleasure and happiness. All the apartments have balconies where all the family can enjoy the green surroundings and the mild climate of the Algarve.

The large rooms, the fully-equipped kitchens with HTH furniture and Siemens household appliances, together with the finest finishes, make these apartments your ideal home. Each group of apartments building is a gated condominium with green areas and swimming pools which is surely a guarantee of well-being where you can gather with your family and friends.

Finishing Materials

“Jatobá” wooden pavements in the living-room and bedrooms;

Kitchens with HTH Danish design and Siemens appliances;

Aluminium window Saslus and double glazing, “Technal” label;

Pre-installation of air-conditioning;

Electric command thermo-lacquered aluminium shutters, white, with thermal isolation;

Parking lots in the basement.

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Buying Property in Portugal

The Algarve:

Considered as one of the best European destinations, Algarve has some of the best beaches of the world. For about 200km, the shore of Algarve is rich in creeks, cliffs, caves, rock beaches and white sandy beaches washed by clear, tepid and calm water. Enjoy the Mediterranean microclimate with temperatures that range from 15ºC, in the winter, and 30ºC in the summer. 

Nowadays it is considered by the practitioners of golf as being one of the best destinations in all of Europe for this sport.
The layouts of the courses, mostly designed by international architects, combined with the amazing landscape in which they are integrated, satisfy the requirements of the most demanding fans, highlighting the region as a privileged destination to practice this sport.
The pleasant climate, with more than three hundred sunny days per year, allows the extension of the golf season for several months, bringing to the courses in Algarve players from all around the world. 

For those who want to invest, the Algarve offers excellent opportunities in properties on a stable economy, as observed in the last decades. 

The appraisers of more joyful environments find in the Algarve’s night life  the freshest musical trends and hot spots, esplanades, clubs, marinas, casinos, bars or restaurants that exhibit bold environments capable of satisfying a high variety of tastes.

During daytime the offers also increase. From theme parks to numerous shopping centres, or attending several cultural events.