Sines Portugal

Building Land with Planning Permission to build a Golf Course and several Villas.



  Coloured Site Plan pdf

  Arial site location photograph with near the sea location pdf

  Site plan details in black 7 white pdf

  Buying Property in Portugal

This is a project for the more serious Investor or a consortium.

It has planning approval and is for sale at 15 million EUR to build a hotel, golf course and over 100 villas.

The total site covers 63 hectares of land.

The project last year was 20 million EUR. It has taken the owner 20 years to get approval. So having spoken with him 12.5 million EUR is the lowest he will accept.

You may need to enlarge the above drawings as they are the original Architect's drawings.

Why invest my money in development land?

Land is a real and tangible asset.
Land is a solid and easy to understand investment.
Land is probably the cheapest form of property investment.
Land in Portugal has increased in value by over 750% over the last twenty years and remains one of the most         popular and most profitable forms of investment.
Due to its limited supply and the increasing demand, one can rest assured that land values will almost always be on the

Contact has been made with an American lender who is interested in providing funding for this project.