Terms & Conditions of Business for the sale of No Money Down (NMD) Ready Made Deals (RMD)

1.    When purchasing property you have to be aware that it is under the laws of the country where the property is situated, and under financial rules and regulations laid down by the Regulating Bank, or other designated banking institution in the country where the property is situated, even if the lender is a subsidiary of a foreign based bank. Legal purchasing methods and taxes may are also be different. You buy this Ready Made Deal with the above in mind.

2.     This Ready Made Deal may be purchased using the structure we have put in place according to the laws and customs of the country where the property is located. It may include our nominated, broker, bridging lender, buyers and vendors nominated solicitors. A break down of the transaction costs and how the Ready Made Deal is structured is provided in the details above. Where possible we will have put in place procedures that will give support and guidance to buyers who may be unaware of the purchasing methods and laws of the country concerned.  However the buyer must take every care and seek legal and financial advice to ensure that this is so as we can take no responsibility for it.

3.    The Market Value quoted is provided in good faith, after extensive research into current market prices for similar properties in the area, and the actual valuation for mortgage purposes will be confirmed by the lenders surveyor.

4.      We have negotiated and confirmed this Ready Made Deal by telephone and email with the vendor/s. The vendor/s have agreed to accept the below Market value price stated and have confirmed this by e-mail. The Market Value quoted is provided in good faith, after extensive research into current market prices for similar properties in the area. The actual valuation for mortgage purposes will be confirmed by the lenders surveyor. The valuation can vary either way but can not be guaranteed. The market prices stated have been checked against estate agents asking prices and the selling price for similar properties in the immediate area and by checking the published figures on the Land Registry website of the country where the property concerned is situated. In countries where no on line Land Registry data is available we shall use our best endeavours to obtain the information by any other available means but can not accept any responsibility for its accuracy.

5.      In the event that the official valuation provided by the mortgage lenders surveyor is quoted as, being lower more than what we stated, we will attempt to negotiate the difference with the vendor on your behalf. In the unlikely event that a revised figure can not be agreed with the vendor, then you have the option of, either going ahead by absorbing the difference within the cash back margin that will still be no money down, or if the surveyors valuation takes the deal outside the NMD margin, we will refund your reservation fee in full if you decide to withdraw. If your valuation fee has been paid out by us, it will not be refundable under any circumstances; therefore you are advised to pay for your own valuation fee. However please be advised that due to obvious time constraints and the fact that we are dealing with sellers who require completions with the minimum of delays, we will only be able to refund the reservation fee providing that you decide to withdraw from the purchase within 2 days of receiving the valuation figure and confirm in writing by email to sales@bmvleads.net

6.      Refunds of Reservation Fees will only be given in the following circumstances:

    • The circumstances of down valuation as described in paragraph 5.
    • Failure to obtain a mortgage through our recommended broker. We accept no responsibility in the circumstances where you wish to use your own or another broker. It is possible to avoid this eventuality by obtaining a DIP in advance of paying the Reservation Fee. Click here to obtain a DIP.
    • If the property is deemed by the surveyor to have serious defects that leads to a lender refusing to accept the property for a loan.
    • If the vendor backs out of the deal and refuses to complete.

7.      You may of course view the property at your own expense but only after the valuation has taken place and an official valuation obtained.  Because of time constraints you may have to travel at short notice. Arrangements can be made for you to view the property before valuation, only if you have signed a copy of our Non-Circumvention Agreement and returned it to us by post. You can view and download a copy here, print off and post. It is better to do this in advance of enquiring about a particular property so that we can register it and it can be used repeatedly for other Leads and Deals in the future.

8.      The costs that you will incur are not determined or administered by us. We have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible. However these are subject to change at any time. Prices and costs quoted for legal and other fees and taxes are a guide and designed to be for illustration purposes only, they do not constitute a quote.

9.      The Finderís fee will be invoiced to you immediately after a decision in principle has been obtained and accepted by you. Finders Fees will be will also invoiced to you immediately after the payment of the Reservation Fee and are payable in advance of receiving the vendors contact and property details. They can be delayed until completion if you use our Hassle Free Service or if we receive your solicitorís written assurance that the Finders Fee will be paid by them at completion. Please let us know within 3 days which option wish to take.

10.  The payment of a Reservation Fees gives you the exclusive opportunity to research, view, perform due diligence and obtain a decision in principle from a prospective lender. The property will be removed from the website during that period in order for you to do so. It does not give you the exclusive right to buy the property which is the subject of the Ready Made Deal. If for any reason you withdraw or fail to complete the purchase within a reasonable period, then we reserve the right in agreement with the vendor to re-list the Deal and the property it refers to on our website. The reservation fee that you have paid is non returnable and will be forfeited.

11.  We do not accept responsibility for any expenses or losses incurred by you.

12. The Deal will only be sold to one investor. It can not be purchased twice and is automatically removed from the site as soon as it is Reserved.

13. No information presented in these particulars constitutes or forms part of a contract, with the exception of the stated Terms and Conditions of Associates and the General Terms and Conditions published on our website which you accepted by default when you registered as an associate.

14.  Ronan Property Services t/a ronanpropertyservices.com, bmvleads.net, bmvleads.org.uk, speedypropertybuyers.co.uk, speedy-property-buyers.co.uk, speedypropertybuyer.com, speedypropertybuyers.com, speedypropertybuyers.eu londonpropertybuyers.org.uk, northeastpropertybuyers.org.uk, northwestpropertybuyers.org.uk, yorkshirepropertybuyers.org.uk, eastmidlandspropertybuyers.co.uk, westmidlandspropertybuyers.org.uk and rent2buyonline.co.uk are not licensed as investment advisors or estate agents. Furthermore they are not authorised by the Financial Services Authority to provide investment or financial advice either in the United Kingdom or other overseas countries or territories.

15.  Our advertising states that the purchasing investor will pay up to 500 GBP or the equivalent in local currency, towards the vendorís legal expenses.

16.  By viewing the particulars of this deal you accept that a Reservation Fee will have to be paid to obtain further details and a Finders Fee is due no later than completion.

17.  By viewing the details on this site and also requesting further information, you accept that if you use the information provided to approach the vendor direct in order to buy the property, then the Reservation and Finders Fee will immediately become payable. Legal action will be taken for non payment.

18.  These Terms shall be construed in accordance with English law which shall be the proper law of the Terms and Conditions for Ready Made Deals and the English Court shall have sole jurisdiction in relation to the provisions contained in these Conditions.

19.  In paying a Reservation Fee you agree to these terms by default.


1.      Ronan Property Services t/a, ronanpropertyservices.com bmvleads.net, bmvleads.org.uk speedypropertybuyers.co.uk, speedy-property-buyers.co.uk, speedypropertybuyer.com, speedypropertybuyers.com, speedypropertybuyers.eu, londonpropertybuyers.org.uk, northeastpropertybuyers.org.uk, northwestpropertybuyers.org.uk, yorkshirepropertybuyers.org.uk, eastmidlandspropertybuyers.co.uk, westmidlandspropertybuyers.org.uk and rent2buyonline.co.uk, their owners, directors, affiliates, associates, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns do not accept any liability for any investment decisions made on the basis of, arising out of, or in any way related to, the use of this information.

2.      The information and services provided by the above do not constitute financial, investment or tax advice and should not be taken as such.

3.      We urge you to obtain professional advice before proceeding with any investment.

4.      Whilst we take all reasonable care to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and up to date, we cannot warrant that it is.

5.      Some products and services may be available at a lower or higher cost than quoted in this communication.

6.      In accordance with the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991(UK), these sales particulars are for general guidance purposes only. They do not constitute or form part of an offer or contract. No structural survey has been carried out. All photographs and descriptions are given as a guide only, and must not be relied upon. Lease details, service charges and ground rent (where applicable) are given as a guide only and should be checked and confirmed by your solicitor in the usual way.

7.      We shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that the Client may suffer as a result of us being unable to fulfil any of our obligations herein due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure, which term shall include but is not limited to legislative and regulatory acts of government, changes in interest rates and withdrawal of mortgage or other financial products, armed conflict, civil insurrection, strike, lockout, computer failure (including failures resulting from the changing of the date to 1st January 2000), failure of power supplies, earthquake, typhoon, tidal wave, and Acts of God.

8.      Ronan Property Services t/a, ronanpropertyservices.com, bmvleads.net, bmvleads.org.uk, speedypropertybuyers.co.uk, speedy-property-buyers.co.uk speedypropertybuyer.com, speedypropertybuyers.com, speedypropertybuyers.eu, londonpropertybuyers.org.uk northeastpropertybuyers.org.uk, northwestpropertybuyers.org.uk, yorkshirepropertybuyers.org.uk, eastmidlandspropertybuyers.co.uk, westmidlandspropertybuyers.org.uk and rent2buyonline.co.uk, promote products and services specifically designed for use in the United Kingdom and any other countries or territories from where property deals are sourced.


Updated 1st November 2011.