el Tarter ski resort, Canillo, A100 Adorra

Recently refurbished 2nd floor Studio Apartment near to ski lifts.


Second floor studio apartment
It has approximately 40 m2 and has recently been renovated.
Central heating and unlimited hot water.
South facing with balcony.
Within walking distance to El Tarter cable car.


Andorra has a great deal to offer...

Where else can you live with no personal taxes and all the following advantages?

  • An excellent selection of shops within Andorra la Vella (the capital), a shopper’s paradise!
  • A first rate health care system.
  • A wonderful climate, with clean air, breathtaking scenery and beautiful nature.
  • Superb sports, spa and leisure facilities, to keep the sports fanatics amongst you occupied, whilst those of you with a need to relax can do so luxurious surroundings.
  • Wonderful hotels & restaurants, for the food and wine connoisseurs.
  • High quality state funded education system, which is important to all families.
  • Virtually no crime, a rarity in itself nowadays.
  • Straight forward residency application for EEC citizens, which is made easier with our help.

The property market in Andorra has historically shown a good capital return, due to a steady demand from home buyers, attracted by all the above factors and the political and economic stability of Andorra.

Andorra enjoys a very low cost of living, low inflation and has generally been unaffected by recession and economic problems in other countries.

Many nationalities whom are concerned with the political and economic uncertainties in their own countries are attracted to Andorra because it offers a better quality of life, within a safe haven.

British residents currently enjoy the opportunity of selling their business assets held in the UK free of any liability for capital gains tax.

A Guide to Buying Property in Andorra