Terms and Conditions for Associates Of BMVLN

1.   I/we will confirm to the high standards and ethical guidelines of BMV Leads Network t/a bmvleads.net (BMVLN) as follows.


2.  I/we will always be up front and honest with any property seller (PS) and/or potential/tenant buyers (PTB) that are introduced by BMVLN as a result of my/our purchase of a Lead or Deal, and about the true financial costs that are involved in either selling or renting then purchasing a property through a sale conveyance or lease option agreement.


3. I/we will give the best possible honest and ethical offer that can be achieved in the best interests of the PS or PTB and myself/ourselves.


4.   I/we will not disguise the offer with costly terms and hidden charges.


5.  I/we will not disguise any fees whatsoever including valuation and solicitors fees and in the case of a PTB I/we will provide a full and   itemized list of costs to the PTB in accordance with the advertised policy of BMVLN.


6. Our advertising states that we will pay the Vendors legal costs up to 500. Leads and Deals are bought by the Associate on the understanding that he/she will honour this commitment.


7.  I/we will be courteous and polite with the PS or PTB at all times both on the telephone and face to face, and in any e-mails or written correspondence.


8.   I/we will keep the PS or PTB informed during every stage of the sale or lease option buying process of the property and inform him/her promptly and politely of any delays with the reasons as to why.


9.    I/we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of the PS or PTB.


10.  I/we will do everything possible to ensure that I/we complete on the date previously agreed.


11.  If I/we are not able to proceed with the purchase of the Vendors property or lease option to the PTB for some reason or other we will  be totally frank and honest with the PV or PTB as to the reasons why.


12. In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the privacy policy of BMVLN, I/we will keep the financial and personal data of the client secure and not reveal it to any third party without the permission of the Vendor or PTB in writing or by e-mail, and confirm that the data will be destroyed once the matter is finalised.


13. I/we agree that any complaint by the Vendor or PTB to BMVLN will be investigated by BMVLN, and I/we will cooperate with any such investigation.


14. I agree that the decision of BMVL will be final and that this could involve suspending my registration to buy Leads, Deals or list my properties on the BMVLN website.


By proceeding to Register I accept the Terms of Associates above in full as a condition of membership.